What You Need to Know About Roof Gardens

roof gardensThe trends in roofing materials are always changing.  As roofers in Minneapolis MN we like to stay up-to-date with future trends.  There are many green materials being introduced into the marketplace currently.  There are materials such as DaVinci’s roofscapes that concentrate on being sustainable and environmentally friendly.  And there are green rooftops and roof gardens that take it to a whole new level.


Urban Heat Island


Roofers in Minneapolis MN can help battle the Urban Heat Island Effect with green rooftops and other more green roofing choices.  What is an Urban Heat Island?  An Urban Heat Island (UHI) is when a large city has a significantly higher temperature than the areas surrounding it, usually more notable at night.  This difference occurs in the winter and summer.  Not only is it warmer in large metros it appears as though there may actually be an effect on wind, tornadoes, pollution, and water life.


All of the dark surfaces in the metro are what work together to create this effect.  Asphalt, dark roofs, and other surfaces all trap and retain heat, working with tall buildings that tend to block out wind and air flow.


Choosing a lighter color roof or a green roof can help stop the UHI effect.


Roof gardens

You can choose several different options when it comes to creating a green roof.  Some roof gardens do not require you to actually install a whole new roof.  Container roof gardens can be added to your current roof.  Plantings in you large containers provide shade and help clean the air.  In order to have this type of garden you will need access for care and to check with your roofers in Minneapolis MN to make certain you roof can hold the extra weight.


Your other option is a green roof system, much more involved than simple roof gardens, this is where the green area actually becomes your roof.  There are two types of green roof systems, “extensive” and “intensive”.


Extensive systems are shallower.  They contain hardier plants and require much less maintenance.


Intensive systems are by comparison much more involved.  They are deeper systems and contain plantings that require much more time and care.  Pruning is often necessary and these systems will have built in irrigation.  An intensive green roof system will weigh much more than an extensive system.


Creating a Plan


You will need the correct permits to construct a green roof system.   When applying for a permit a number of things will be considered.  Among the big concerns:  can your home structurally bear the weight,  do you have access to your roof for maintenance and care,  how will you irrigate your system, and how will you control drainage.


Roofers in Minneapolis MN can help with some of your planning, but you will need a structural engineer or architect to determine the load capacity of your home.


Caring for Your Roof

Roof gardens all require upkeep.  You will need to weed and prune plants.  And keeping your gutters and drainage system clear will be even more important now.  Since this type of roof is a BIG commitment make sure you are really ready for it.


Roofers in Minneapolis can guide you to other options to help fight the UHI effect if you are not quite ready for the time and financial commitment of a green roof system.  Lighter colored roofs in a number of different materials will help you do your part.


The Future

The trends of roofing continue to move in a green direction.  A green roof system and roof gardens are just two of the options available.  There are many other ecofriendly products on the market, and they continue to be introduced.  Roofers in Minneapolis MN can meet with you about the current options and new trends in roofing.


Want to know how Tradition Roofing and Exteriors can green up your home?  Contact us for more information on the great products we offer.


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