Twin Cities Roofing Trends in 2014

Twin Cities roofingTwin Cities roofing trends for 2014 are starting to surface. Each year brings a tide of new trends when it comes to fashion, home décor, interior and exterior remodels.  These trends are not unrelated, often the influence of fashion can be felt all the way up to your roof! The push toward more environmentally friendly living will also continue to be seen. Here are three big trends twin cities roofing will see in 2014.

3 Twin Cities Roofing Trends

Asphalt roofing will continue to be the most used roofing material. A very popular roofing material, an estimated 80% of homes use Asphalt roofing. This demand will continue to grow. There are number of different types of Asphalt shingles available. Experts expect that laminated Asphalt shingles, a very durable material, will see a large jump in popularity.

Homeowners are thinking Green. Roofing companies will continue to see a demand for environmentally friendly materials, and materials that use green methods of production and focus on recycling of old materials.

In fact California Energy Commission has made set new energy efficient standards for all new residential and commercial buildings. From January 1, 2014, all new buildings must have solar-ready roofs.

Looking for color trends? Twin Cities roofing will continue to trend toward lighter colors. Light roofing absorbs less heat from the sun and can help control heating and cooling costs.

Pantone, a world renowned authority on color, has released it’s Spring 2014 color report. This upcoming year will be a resurgence of warm neutrals. Blues, grays, off whites, and other warm neutrals will carry into roofing from home décor.

Warm wood tones and natural materials found in cedar shingles will also be on trend in Twin Cities roofing.

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