Twin Cities Roofing Safe Snow Removal

twin cities roofingSnow has begun to fall in the Midwest. This means snow and ice accumulating on Twin Cities roofing. As a home owner you may be wondering, “Do I need to remove snow?” “How do I safely remove snow?”

Accumulation of snow can lead to two large problems. The first is the weight added to your roof. Sloped roofs are better prepared to handle extra weight, but snow removal is still important. All snow is not created equal. Wet snow can be significantly heavier than fluffy smaller flakes. Weight can add up with fewer inches of snow fallen on Twin Cities roofing with wet snow.

Roof contractors also know that with snow left on roofs ice dams can build and lead to serious water damage and long term roofing issues.

If you need to safely remove snow from your Twin Cities roofing follow these three tips:

1. Never use chemicals. While calcium chloride or salt can be helpful on your driveway or pavement they are not appropriate for your roof. Chemicals on your roof can cause damage to your shingles, leading to costly repairs, or even the water damage you were hoping to avoid. Using chemicals on your roof may also lead to a voided warranty on your shingles.

2. Use the correct tools. Snow removal from your roof requires a different set of tools than your ground snow removal. Metal shovels, curved shovels, ice picks, and other ground tools can damage your shingles. Again you could tear off shingles or cause damage that would need to be fixed.

What do you use? Invest in a roof rake. Roof rakes are meant to be used to clear snow off your roof. A roof rake has a blade with a very long handle. You can use it to safely pull snow toward you off of your roof from the ground. Be careful not to pull snow on top of yourself or anyone else working nearby. Roof rakes should be used from the ground. Don’t take one up on your ladder. There are a startling number of injuries from ladder falls every year. Don’t become part of the statistics.

You don’t need to clear your roof down to the shingles. You want to clear build ups and relieve the weight load on your Twin Cities roofing.

3. Pay special attention to ice and snow buildup at the edge of your roof. If your gutters become blocked water may be forced back under your shingles. This can cause water damage in your home. If there is significant weight build up on your gutters you risk them breaking away from your home also.

Remember removing snow from your roof can be dangerous. You the correct tools. Make sure someone knows you are working on your roof, and is checking on you. If you don’t feel comfortable, hire a snow removal service.

Have you done your first snow removal on your Twin Cities roofing this year?

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