Twin Cities Roofing Glossary

twin cities roofingSpring is approaching for Twin Cities roofing that means a new roof is on the top of many homeowners brains. You’re preparing your vocabulary for your meeting with roof contractors. In our first post about the vocabulary you need for your meeting with about Twin Cities roofing we covered Decking, underlayement, flashing, eaves, fascia, ridge, valley, hip and pitch. Did you miss it? You can catch up on that roofing vocabulary here.

You may be more familiar with the terms we are going to cover today, they are still important to know!

Twin Cities Roofing terms you should know:

Shingles: One of the most easy to identify pieces of your roof. Many people are familiar with this term and roof piece. They make up the top of your roof and can be made from asphalt, cedar, clay, and other man made composite materials.

Dormer: Dormers are framed projections on the slope of your roof. These typically contain a window and provide light into your top floor rooms.

Gutters: Gutters are as well recognized as shingles, and as important. Gutters are attached to the lower edge of the roof line. Gutters are what channel water to your downspouts and off your roof. Gutters can be vinyl or a custom material like copper. Twin Cities roofing may experience repairs here due to ice dams.

Downspout, also called a leader pipe: water that hits your gutters will be moved to the ground and away from your home.

Chimney: Fumes from your chimney exhaust out your chimney. They are typically brick and stone. You will find your chimney protruding from the slope of your roof.

Chimney Cap: The chimney cap’s job is to help avoid snow and rain and rain from entering your chimney.

These terms will help you have a conversation with roofing contractors about Twin Cities roofing.

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