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In the tradition of roofing there have been many materials used.  Some of the most beautiful available have been made with natural resources.  One of these materials is slate. A slate roof elevates the look of home exteriors.  Among its positive qualities are it is durable, fire proof, and waterproof.  Natural materials, however, can come at a great cost and with high maintenance needs.  The good news is in today’s market you are able to achieve the fantastic upscale look of a slate roof with synthetic materials.  Materials like DaVinci’s synthetic slate roofing.


Tradition Roofing and Exteriors Uses DaVinici’s synthetic slate roofing.

Synthetic slate, which is made from an engineered polymer, has many of the same benefits of natural slate.  It is long-lasting, fireproof, wind resistant, and waterproof.  As a manufactured roofing material it has other advantages as well.  It is lightweight; with a stone roof weight has to be a concern.  This saves the homeowner worries about their home being able to bear the load of a natural stone roof.  Composite roof tiles will not wear down or crumble over time.  This roofing material will also stand up against hail or other flying debris that can hit homes’ exteriors during wind storms.  Damaging your roof by walking on it will never be a concern.


As a somewhat unhappy tradition the northern portion of the country must worry about the effects of frequent freezing and thawing on their roofing materials.  Synthetic slate tile can stand up against the brutal effects of winter.  Since water doesn’t penetrate through the tiles they do not experience the expanding and contracting that can be caused by freezing in dropping winter temperatures.   This makes it a great roofing choice for colder climates.


With a synthetic material you will have a wide range of color choices available for you.  A quick tip: when choosing the color of your roof don’t concentrate on matching or coordinating with your siding.  Siding is temporary and can be replaced or changed during the life of your roof.  When choosing the hue or colors for your new roof instead look to the permanent features of your exterior, for example, your foundation or brick details.

Home owners who wish to make green decisions for their exteriors material choices can also feel comfortable choosing synthetic slate.  This product has many environmentally friendly aspects.  For one the roofing can be installed in a color blend that will reflect sunlight away from your home.  In the warm months this will help keep your home cooler.  In turn this means that you will need less energy to cool your home.  Choosing a roofing material with this benefit means you are doing your part to reduce air pollution.


Forming synthetic roofing tile spares much of the waste that is produced when making a natural slate tile.  These manufactured tiles extend the expected life span on this roofing to 50 years.  With such a long lasting product you will save on materials simply by not having to replace your roof every 15 to 20 years.   One of the leading companies in this type of manufactured roofing is leading the green charge with a tradition of recycling.  They offer two major opportunities to recycle.  The first is a job site recycling program.  Any scraps or cuttings from your roofing install can be sent back to the factory where they will be recycled.  And many years from now when you are ready to replace your expired roofing tiles they may also be sent back to the manufacturing plant for recycling.  Working with companies that are focused on sustainability and quality green products is a great choice in today’s world.


When completing the design of your homes exteriors don’t neglect the roofing materials as a place to make a strong statement about you and your home.  You can follow in the tradition of enjoying the wonderful look of natural materials while using modern synthetic materials.  You are able to enjoy the benefit of nature’s beauty with the advantages and durability of man made products.

Tradition Roofing and Exteriors can help you create a traditional look with modern materials. Contact us today!

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