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The condition of a home’s roof is crucial to keeping the structure sound and everything inside of it safe.  Because of this replacing a roof should take priority over any other home improvement project you have planned. But how do you know when a simple repair is no longer possible and it is necessary to replace your roof?  Your local Minneapolis roofing companies can help you make this decision. There are a number of things they may consider.

Things to consider before calling Minneapolis roofing companies.

The age of the roof is one thing to consider. The normal life span of a roof can range from 12 to 20 years depending on the maintenance and upkeep of the roof.  After 12 to 20 years cases of leaks and torn flashings start occurring more regularly regardless of the type of roof.

It is also important to look at the condition of interior walls that touch the roof. Interior walls can give clear warning signs when a roof needs to be replaced. Heed these signs!  You may be looking at a new roof if you have missing or peeling paint on these interior walls.  Another clear indicator of trouble are moisture marks on your walls which is a sign of water seeping down.

Repeated and prolonged snow, hail, rain storms, and direct sunlight are major reasons for a roof to deteriorate. If you live in a place that is effected by more than one of these it may shorten the life span of your roof.  If part of your home has become exposed because of severe weather a roof replacement may also be necessary. Once severe weather does this much damage a simple repair is no longer practical.

It can also depend of the number of missing or torn shingles. If you have a large number of missing tiles and shingles on your house, then replacing the roof is the best decision, instead of opting for a repair.

Watch your electric or gas bill.  Big changes in your heating or cooling bills could also be a sign of trouble with your roof. Damaged shingles could be the cause of this, especially if your attic is well insulated.

If your roof has several layers and is leaking, you might need to replace your entire roof.  Minneapolis roofing companies call this a “complete tear-off.” What happens with a complete tear off is all the existing layers are removed from the roof.  Then new wood roof framing is installed, followed by new shingles being installed on the roof. Typically city codes are very strict about the number of roof layers allowed. In many areas, the highest number of layers allowed is three. Your local Minneapolis roofing companies will be familiar with the roofing codes in your area. They can answer your questions in regards to roof layers.

In addition to all of these reasons the roof you started with will effect when you must replace it.  If you begin with a bad design or the wrong materials being used to construct it your roof won’t last as long as you expected it to. Ensure this is not the case with your new roof by shopping Minneapolis roofing companies for the business that will do a quality well executed job for you.

Proper maintenance and keeping your roof clean will delay the need for a new roof.  But all roofs need to be replaced eventually.

When you are ready to take the step of replacing your roof call your local Minneapolis roofing companies for no obligation free estimates.


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