The Top 6 Causes of St. Paul Roofing Leaks

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tradition roofing and exteriors, MN

There is nothing worse than the sinking feeling of seeing or hearing the dripping of water above your head.  Have you been there and wondered why is this happening to me!? Your roof could have sprung a leak for a variety of reasons.  Taking some maintenance precautions should stop a leak from happening to you again.  In the meantime you’ll need to discover the cause for your current leak so it can be repaired by a St. Paul roofing company.

The causes of trouble for St. Paul roofing:

Weather: Your roof is what protects your home from the elements but this also means that over time weather can cause damage to your roof. Over the length of all four seasons your roof takes on all the effects of the sun, rain, sleet, ice and snow. Roofing paper will dry out in sun. The sun will also cause the tar to run and sag, all of this weakens your roof. Your roof can then become brittle, after that it can begin to crack and split.

Windblown rain: Rain can come in many directions not just straight down and windblown rain can be a serious problem. Rain that comes down at an angle can cause water to get underneath your roof coverings. When you lay your roof tar paper make sure to think about and take in to account rain that will hit at a diagonal.

Ice: In cold Minnesota winters ice can gather on your roof eaves and can cause an ice dam. Ice dams are something St. Paul roofing contractors are very familiar with.  Ice dams block the correct flow of water off your roof, this causes it to collect under your flashings and tar paper. This then overflows into your house.  The heat of your house will slowly melt this ice and water then it could drip into your home for days.

Clogged gutters: Simple home maintenance can stop this problem from occurring.  It’s important, especially before the winter season, to clear leaves and debris that have gathered in your gutters.  When this gunk collects in your gutters it can clog them up which prevents the flow of the water through your gutter off your roof. Clogged gutters can make an ice dam even more likely to appear in the winter leading to leaking roofs.

Poor roof construction: Choosing the lowest bid based only on cost can come back to cause a large number of problems. Cutting costs on supplies by using too little or too cheap and rushes to finish the job quickly could mean a leak for your roof early in its life.  Choose a contractor wisely.  Compare credentials and history not just price.

Mechanical damage: Although technically they have nothing to do with your actual roof, heavy pieces of machinery, for example air conditioners and antennas can cause damage to your roof. They are heavy and they need to be installed and repaired.  This means more people walking on your roof.  And the more people walking on your roof the bigger the chance of hidden damage occurring.

Reoccurring maintenance of your roof can help avoid leaks. Make sure this maintenance work is done well and to a high standard.  Choose a reputable quality St. Paul roofing contractor to complete this work for you.  Then rest assured that your roof has been taken care of and there won’t be water in your home because your roof has failed you.

A good St. Paul roofing contractor can solve your roof woes once and for all.  Contact Tradition Roofing and Exteriors about becoming your St. Paul roofing contractor.

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