Roofing in MN, the Importance of Proper Ventilation

Roofing in MN is done knowing homeowners take pride in their roof.

For a homeowner a well maintained roof lasts longer and won’t be a constant source of concern. Your roof is the uppermost level of protection for your home. It is the part of your home taking the most effect from damaging winds, snow, hail and sunlight. This abuse means taking extra steps to maintain your roofing in MN. The most important part of a roof is the ventilation system. Your roof’s ventilation system could be the most important unseen factor in determining the life of your roof. 25% longer life spans can be achieved with a proper ventilation system than a roof with poor ventilation.

Why is your roof’s ventilation system so crucially important?  A ventilation system in good repair allows hot air to escape.   If this doesn’t happen the heat in the attic will rise and rise. This rising heat actually causes the shingles to bake from underneath. That baking will take years off the life span of your roof. This increased heat can also bake the sheathing of your roof. This can make your roof brittle. Brittle sheathing means the chances of anything heavy, for example a build-up of snow or a stray branch, will break through your roof.  The adhesive on your roof also begins to break down and separate layers of roof in the extra heat.

What is the recommend ventilation system for my roof? One square foot of venting for every 250 to 300 cubic foot of air in the attic is the equation used to create a balanced air ventilation system. Roofing in MN is guided to the  determination of the correct number of vents in your roof with this equation. There are several different types of vents they vary from static open units and turbine style to the higher tech thermostatically operated and electronic vents. The size of the roof and air space below will help you to determine the style for your roof.

A balance between the air coming in and the air going out is created by a proper roof ventilation. Want to know what happens in an un-ventilated attic? Temperatures can climb up to 150 degrees F.  This kind of heat can destroy personal items being stored in attic spaces along with your roofing.

Moisture can also huge problem. Proper ventilation allows moisture to escape the attic space.  This venting of moisture stops mold and mildew from developing under roofing in MN.

Here’s a tip- Watch your heating and cooling bills. Trapped moisture can lead to an increase in both of them.  Why? Because metal air ducts will expand and contract in extreme temperatures, contracting ducts can actually separate from each other causing cold air or heat to be released into your attic. Which means your heat and cold air aren’t getting to your living space.

An expert in roofing in MN can look help you decide on the best ventilation system for you by looking at your structure. The ventilation system and roof should be constructed at the same time. However, over time blockages and other things can make the ventilation system ineffective. At that point your venting system must be checked for re-calibration. Proper air circulation is key for maintaining your roofing structure so make sure vents and hoses are not blocked. A proper ventilation system will increase the life span of your roof and also the home it is protecting.

Have you had your roofing in MN checked for proper ventilation?

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