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With cool weather around the corner it is never too early to think about preparing your home for the upcoming winter with the help of roofers in Minneapolis, MN.  There are steps that are important to take each year to save yourself money, avoid damage, or otherwise prepare your house to perform its’ best over the cold winter months.  You’ll be able to do some of this preparation by yourself some of it should be handled by professionals. Consider enlisting the help of your local roofers in Minneapolis, MN for some of your projects.

The Furnace:  It’s important to first verify that your furnace is still running.  Finding this out now is a much better plan than waiting for the first cold snap.  You’ll just need to turn furnace on for a few minutes.  After confirming you don’t have a disaster on your hands take steps to keep it that way.  Contact an HVAC professional to come inspect your furnace and clean your ducts.  Prepare for the winter by purchasing a stock of new furnace filters you’ll need to replace them monthly. Not replacing your filter can lead to bad air flow and poor efficiency.

A small change big difference: In the summer your ceiling fans work to keep your room cool.  If you reverse the fan blades the fans will work to move warm air down back into the room.  Your blades should turn clockwise in the winter.

Doors and Windows:  Don’t lose your heat through windows and doors.   It is time to pull out your screens and put in your storm windows.  If you don’t have storms invest in plastic coverings.  It might not be the prettiest but for a very low price you can temporarily stop your heat loss by using plastic insulation applied with a hair dryer.  Weather stripping can help your door stop leaking heat.  Contact you roofers in Minneapolis, MN to get more information on energy efficient windows.

Time to call roofers in Minneapolis, MN for a house check-up!

Roofing and Gutters: If you haven’t had your roof inspected in some time consider having your roofer look at it.  You want to make sure you aren’t set up for the ice dams to develop.  Your roofers in Minneapolis, MN will know all about ice dams!  The will replace worn and torn shingles and check flashing to stop water from coming in to your house.

Cleaning your gutters out after the Fall will also reduce your chance of ice dams since melting snow will have room to drain.  Make sure your downspouts are clear and carry water away from your foundation to avoid any issues there.

Get Your Seasonal Equipment Ready:  Whether you are done using it for the year, or just getting ready to start using it you’ll need to service your equipment.  When you are done using the lawnmower for the last time clean it up and drain all of the gas from it for the winter.  Clean all of your gardening equipment and store it in a dry location.  Get ready for the upcoming snow by getting a tune-up for your snow blower.  Replace rakes or shovels if needed and buy bags of ice-melt or sand.

Prepare your pipes: Know your home, find your shut off valve in case of an emergency.  Avoid a burst pipe doing some prep ahead of time.  Start by draining all of your garden hoses.  Make certain you check for pipes that aren’t insulated.  Pipes that aren’t insulated that pass through cold spaces such as your garage, basement, or crawlspaces can easily freeze.  Your local hardware store sells molded foam sleeves to fit around your pipes for insulating. Remember even if you are leaving your home empty for a vacation keep your thermostat set to at least 55 degrees.

Whether you are doing it yourself or relying on a roofers in Minneapolis, MN the cooler weather signals that it is time to begin preparations for the winter!  Having your house and equipment prepped will help you have the most comfortable winter and the easiest transition into the Spring.

Tradition Roofing and Exteriors want to by your roofers in Minneapolis, MN call us to help with your cold weather preparations.


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