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As a homeowner you are proud to have a roof well maintained by roofers in Minneapolis MN. A well maintained roof lasts longer and doesn’t keep you up worrying at night. Roofers in Minneapolis MN know your roof is the most important level of protection for your home, it is also the part of your home most exposed damaging weather like winds, snow, hail and sunlight. Because of the demands on a roof we have to take extra steps to ensure it is being maintained. The most important part of a roof is its ventilation system. Your roof’s ventilation system could be the most important factor in determining the life span of it. A roof with a proper ventilation system that is well cared for will last about 25% longer than a roof with poor ventilation.

Why Roofers in Minneapolis MN Know a Ventilation System is Important:

Why is a ventilation system so important? Without a well functioning system hot air is not allowed to escape.   If this happens the heat in the attic will build and build. This will cause the shingles to bake from below. This kind of damage will age your roof rapidly. The same process can make the sheathing on your roof brittle. Damage of this kind greatly increases the chances of anything heavy, like a build up of snow, caving through your roof. Additional layers of the roof can also be weakened by the breakdown of the adhesive used to hold together a roofing system.

With heat breaking down your roof you’ll need roofers in Minneapolis MN sooner rather than later!

Your ventilation system will vary depending on the size, shape and the material used when constructing your roof. One square foot of venting for every 250 to 300 cubic foot of air in the attic should create a balanced air ventilation system.  Your roofers in Minneapolis MN will help you use this to calculate an appropriate number of vents in your roof. Vents can range from static open units and turbine style to more complicated thermostatically operated and electronic vents. The choice, again, depends on the size of the roof and air space below.

Roofers in Minneapolis MN warn a roof not ventilated correctly can lead to BIG damage.

A proper roof ventilation system creates balance between the air coming in and the air going out. In an unventilated attic temperatures can climb up to 150 degrees F.  This kind of heat can destroy personal items being stored in attic spaces. Another concern is condensation from washers, dryers and showers.  They can vent right into your attic space creating a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.  This bacteria is just collecting in your space. A change in air pressure from someone opening a door can carry them into your home.

Accruing moisture is also of great concern to roofers in Minneapolis MN. Proper ventilation allows moisture to escape the attic space.   This prevents mold and mildew from developing. Heating and cooling bills can also increase because of trapped moisture.  Metal air ducts will expand and contract in the hot and cold trapped air.  Contracting ducts can actually separate causing cold air and heat to be let out into your attic, which means it never reaches your living space.

Moisture that is trapped will rust any metal it comes in contact with. As a result nail and screw heads can rust off negatively affecting the condition of the roof.  Air ducts can actually fall apart if you don’t have a proper ventilation system.

Expert roofers in Minneapolis, MN can look at your roof structure and then help you decide on the best ventilation system for you. The ventilation system should be constructed at the same time as the roof. Over time blockages and other factors can displace the ventilation system. When your venting system becomes dislodged you must have it checked for re-calibration. It is important that the vents and hoses are not blocked as proper air circulation is key for maintaining your roofing structure. A proper ventilation system will lengthen the life of your roof and the building below it.

If you suspect you may need roofers in Minneapolis MN to look at your vents call Traditions Roofing and Exteriors MN to check on the condition of your vents.

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