Roof Contractors Recognize the Rise in Green Roofing

roof contractorsRoof contractors know green energy is gaining popularity across the country. Solar energy has been an option for residential use for years. The move to green energy is becoming easier to do. With many different options available to you.

Solar energy is one option gaining popularity. Previously solar energy could only be used during the day, this meant homeowners to use a sort of hybrid system. New solar energy options can use solar energy 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Todays’ solar panels can store energy during the daylight hours for use in the dark.

Roof contractors know there are financial benefits to green energy. There are tax incentives, like credits and rebates that you can investigate at a state and federal level for moving to green energy. Not to mention moving away from conventional energy will save you money on your monthly bills.

With high gas and oil prices alternatives to fossil fuels will continue to gain popularity. Roofing trends continue to show people are concerned with their carbon footprint. Green energy reduces your overall impact on the earth a huge benefit to those seeking alternatives to fossil fuel.

Not looking to add solar energy to your roof? There are still plenty of opportunities to improve your footprint. More and more roof contractors are offering recycling programs for new and existing roofing. Some companies have programs that offer options for your roof contractor to send scraps from the job site back to the facility for recycling. Thirty years from now send the whole tear off in to recycle!

Have you considered investigating a green roofing option with your roof contractors?

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