Minneapolis Roofing Company Looks at Clay Tiles

Minneapolis roofing companyAs a Minneapolis roofing company we are excited about the wide array of shingle options currently available to our clients.  It is a wonderful time to be building a new home or re-roofing your current one.  The choices of different materials are remarkable.  If you tour your neighborhood you may still see that many houses have asphalt shingles.  Asphalt shingles after all do have their benefits.  They are durable and look good while being cost effective.  But before you make what seems the obvious choice, take some time to research the many other options out there.  You may find that you simply love another option.  One beautiful choice available are clay shingles.

A Minneapolis roofing company can install a clay roof!

A clay tile roof creates an atmosphere and a sense of history.  It is the perfect roof for a number of different house styles.  Clay tiles have been used dating back to ancient times and are still commonly used across the globe.  Today clay shingles are available in a large variety of styles including Flat, interlocking Roman Tiles, Barrel, Rectangular Barrel, S-Curved, and Italian Tiles.


Clay tile roofs create interest and add to the beauty to the house they are on.  The shape of clay tiles create interesting and beautiful shadows that will change and move as the day progresses and the sun rises and sets. And the bright vibrant colors in the clay will make you the envy of your neighborhood.


These tiles are carefully designed keeping two things in mind.  First they must interlock for the most successful installation.  They also need to have the right channels so that they direct water toward gutters.  The tiles are each formed by a mold to ensure that they are uniform.  After the tiles are formed with these things in mind they are dried for up to four days.  Each of your tiles is then kiln heated.  To enhance the look of the tile a pigment can be add to the clay.  However the clay itself can also provide beautiful tones of reds, oranges, and earth tones.  When the kiln process is finished a glaze of black, white, yellow, silver, green, or blue can be applied.  There are other techniques that can create an aged or weathered look on the tile.  All these options make it easy for a Minneapolis roofing company to find the right clay tile for your home or business.  These handmade touches may seem to make clay and expensive option, but the beauty and long lasting durability of this type of roof makes the investment well worth it.


There are several grades of tile made.  The first grade, best suited for a Minneapolis roofing company’s client, it is resistant to the heaviest frost.  The second grade can handle some winter weather but isn’t designed to dip below freezing frequently.  The third grade is best suited for mild weather and more frequently found in the southern part of the country.


This type of roof isn’t for every home.  Keep in mind that these tiles are significantly heavier than the asphalt alternative.  Therefore you should have a roofer confirm that your home will be able to bear the load of this roof style.  This extra weight also provides a benefit as it is more resistant to wind damage.


When investing in this style roof a Minneapolis roofing company will guide you toward a clay tile shingle that can resist salt, ice, and rain.  Make your home the envy of your neighborhood by finding a roofing material that compliments and adds character to the style of your home.

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