How to Choose St. Paul Siding Like a Pro

St. Paul sidingThe exterior of a house gives you the first impression of someone’s home before you even step out of your car.  If your siding is worn or damaged you may be sending the wrong message about your home. If new siding is on your list of home improvements chances are you have started to look at the types of product on the market.  When you began shopping for siding you may have quickly realized there are multiple different options available to you.  As St. Paul siding professionals we handle several different types of siding and know that each option is distinctly different from each other.  Three popular siding choices are vinyl siding, wood siding, and fiber cement siding each offers its’ own benefits and disadvantages.

St. Paul siding options are varied.

Vinyl Siding is the most frequently used siding option on homes today.  For homeowners who are very price conscious vinyl is usually one of the less expensive option available to them.  It also has the added benefit of an expected 50 year lifetime.  This siding option offers a wide variety of different colors and textures to choose from.  Because of this vinyl siding can provide a diverse number of looks to fit a range of preferences.  Vinyl doesn’t require painting or staining so in comparison to other siding choices it is a low maintenance product.

However severe weather can lead to damage on vinyl siding. And as St. Paul siding installers we have seen hail damage first hand.  This weather damage can be difficult to repair.  You will have to take extra steps for insulation, such as pairing it with an insulated backing, as vinyl siding itself does not have insulating properties.  And if you are looking for an environmentally friendly option you may want to consider the next siding option.

Wood siding, or shakes, is considered a greener choice.  It is biodegradable and is manufactured from a renewable resource!   When we install St. Paul siding we use cedar, one of the most popular choices for wood siding.  One of the reasons for this is that cedar can be stained a number of different earth tones giving a beautiful natural looks.  Wood siding does provide some insulation so you may see the positive effects in the form of a lower heating or cooling bill.  It is a durable siding that can be easily repaired if damage does occur. Repair is made easier since just a damaged area can be replaced without removing or replacing unaffected areas.

Wood siding does, however, require more upkeep.  It usually needs to be stained or painted about every five years after its’ installed.  It is also important to watch for mildew or moss as they can cause damage to your siding left untreated.

Fiber cement siding is a very durable option.  It can be less expensive then wood, but can take on the look of wood, stucco, or masonry.  It is both long lasting and fire resistant.  The maintenance of fiber cement is typically low.

This siding may need painting and it does require professional installation.  For our St. Paul siding projects using fiber cement we use only factory trained installers. You should make certain that your siding is being installed by qualified professionals trained to install fiber cement siding.  Never underestimate the importance of correctly installing a product.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of three common siding options, but there may be additional options available to you.

When choosing St. Paul siding consider the many different options on the market today.

Siding professionals in your area will be able to better guide you to the siding choice that meets your needs and desired aesthetic effect.  Where you live may affect your choice in siding, for example with St. Paul siding we may take in to account the effect of snow, hail, and other weather when making a recommendation.  In other areas of the country there is extreme heat to consider.  Whatever your specific concerns new siding will send a strong positive message about the condition of your home before your guests even make it through the door.

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