How Do I Know if I Have Hail Damage? Twin Cities Roofing Problems.

twin cities roofingTwin Cities roofing receives the brunt of all different types of weather, hail is no exception. In recent weeks during storms several areas of the Twin Cities were hit by hail.  The sound of hail on your roof can make every home and car owner wince thinking about the potential damage.

After the storm you may have gone out and assessed the damage from the ground, looking for obvious damage. The problem is not all hail damage is visible from the ground, or to an untrained eye.


What does hail damage look like?

Major hail damage may be easy to spot on Twin Cities roofing. Metal flashing on your roof may show signs of dings and dents. Inspect the shingles themselves, if you can see shingles torn off entirely or partially- you very likely have hail damage.

The problem with a ground assessment by an untrained eye is there are many less obvious signs of hail damage to your roof.  If there are visible mineral granules in your gutter, especially if your gutters were previously clean, this can be a sign of hail damage. If your shingles have visible bare spots you may have hail damage that needs to be addressed.


How do I know for sure?

Call a roof contractor that you trust. They often offer free inspections.  With less obvious hail damage you may need a professional opinion to know if repair is required. A professional roofing contractor will be able to spot potential trouble spots that may otherwise go missed entirely.


How much will hail damage cost me?

A lot more if you don’t address it right away! The longer you wait to claim your damage with your insurance company the harder it will be to prove a link between your damage and the storm that caused it. This may affect your coverage.

Lurking storm damage can also lead to a leaking roof, and water damage.  Your roof is the primary defense of your home. A leaking roof can lead to drywall replacement, mold removal, and other problems.


What is the bottom line for Twin Cities Roofing?

If you were among the Twin Cities roofing homeowners that experienced hail in recent storms, have your roof evaluated by a professional roof contractor.


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