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In today’s housing market many homeowners are choosing to stay in their homes. This means instead of trading in a home people are making changes, additions, and upgrades. But what home improvements really pay off? Typically improvements that boost the functional space in your home have more value than simple cosmetic changes to your property. For example, turning an unfinished basement into a family living room where you can spend time may recoup around 75 percent of what the project costs you to complete.

Out Door Improvements

Many smart home improvements happen on the exterior of your house. You should always have this work done by a professional. A St. Paul roofing contractor can make sure these updates are done with quality workmanship to guarantee you the best return on your investment.

Choose a St. Paul roofing contractor for home projects.

Decks: Putting an addition on your home can set you back some serious money. Putting a deck on your home adds square footage to your house in an incredibly cost effective way. With the exception of painting your home it can be the most reliable return on investment to the exterior of your home. A deck has a high return when it does come time to sell, about 85 percent.

Energy Efficient Windows: This improvement has value before you ever consider resale. Your utility bill will shrink for one! Efficient windows will save you money on both heating and cooling. The government even offers a 10 percent (up to $200) tax break. Remember to look for Energy Star windows; there is a logo on windows that adhere to their rating system. This upgrade will recoup about 75 percent at resale. An important note when you add new windows custom windows, for example, bays and bows, it may add cost to you but not necessarily resale value. A St. Paul roofing contractor can aid you in making great window choices.

Siding: This is also an energy efficient upgrade that can save you money on your bills while you are still living in your home. As a bonus many home buyers like the benefits of today’s sidings that offer options like never having to repaint! An R-Value will tell you how efficient the siding you choose is. Normally this value ranges from one to three, but it can go higher. It may cost more to install efficient siding, but you are looking at an added value of an 80 percent return. A St. Paul roofing contractor can provide more information about the wide array of siding options available to you.

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Landscaping: Specialty gardens spell work to potential buyers. If you have a gardening hobby by all means enjoy. But don’t expect to recoup the money you have spent adding in garden beds to your yard. While they may add beauty to your space they won’t add cash.

Pools: This improvement may actually hinder the sale of your home. Pools are very expensive to keep looking good and running properly. Buyers may also be afraid of an accident on their property. This may leave them liable for an injury and they may end up with a negligence suit on their hands. To avoid this possibility some people will spend large amounts of money filling in existing pools instead of enjoying them after they move in.

A St. Paul roofing contractor can help improve your home!

The bottom line is home buyers are looking for quality homes! Consider doing improvements to functional areas of your home first if you are looking for a return on your investment. A St. Paul roofing contractor can help you take the first steps on your outdoor projects so you can enjoy the benefits while you own your home as well as when it comes time to sell!

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