Firework Safety from Roof Contractors

This Fourth of July it is important to celebrate safely. Roof contractors know that the combination of fireworks and warm weather can lead to house fires and property damage. The National Fire Protection Association reported almost 18,000 fires between structures, cars, and outside events related to fireworks in 2011.

If you are planning on lighting fireworks at your home as roof contractors we recommend the following 3 things.


Prepare Your Roof in Advance

If you are going to be hosting a firework display prepare your roof in advance by housing down your roof. This may lessen the chance of a stray firework igniting on your roof- though it is still important to make sure any fireworks that land on your roof are completely extinguished.

Experts recommend hosing down after chimney fires or when there is a threat of wildfires.

Clean out your gutters. Roof contractors recommend this as part of regular roof maintenance, but it especially important in this instance. Brush and collected debris is the most likely to set on fire. Clearing out your gutters before a fireworks display will lessen the chance of starting a fire on your roof.


Keep Water On Hand

A bucket of water should be kept on hand for any spent casings to go into. Used fireworks can continue to smolder and may start a fire long after they’ve been used.

In addition keep a garden hose ready in case a fire does start up or to douse any casings that may land on your roof and continue to smolder.


Plan a Safe Location for Lighting Fireworks

Choose a location away from your roof, dry grasses, and other areas with lots of combustible materials. Keep fireworks out of areas most likely to light on fire will minimize your risk.

Be aware both where you are setting of your fireworks and where they will likely land.

Keeping these three tips in mind will help you have a safe Fourth!


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