Cedar Roof Advantages Reported by Minneapolis Roofing Company

Minneapolis roofing companyA home owner who is looking for a beautiful, distinct roof should consider cedar shakes.  The aesthetic appeal of cedar shakes is what draws most people to it, but there are many more benefits to this style of roof.  They are durable, have a high insulation value, are environmentally friendly, and are resistant to wind, fire, and impact.  To get the most out of all of these things you’ll want to have your roof installed by a qualified Minneapolis roofing company.  The additional cost investment in a cedar shake roof is definitely worth it for the many benefits that will come with it.

Find a qualified Minneapolis roofing company to install your Cedar Shake roof.

What is a Shake: Cedar is a soft wood that is grown in many areas around the world.  A shake, which is different from a shingle, is formed by cutting down and splitting cedar.  There are several types of shakes that have slightly different styles.  These styles include handsplit, resawn, and tapersawn.


A Minneapolis roofing company says the big benefits of a cedar roof are….

Getting the Aesthetic: Cedar roofs can work well with a number of different styles of home.  Your Minneapolis roofing company should be able to show you examples of your architectural style with a cedar shake roof to give you an idea of the finished look.  They are available in a number of different stains, so you can achieve the tone you feel best matches your aesthetic.  If cedar shakes are left to age they will weather to a silver grey look.  This is a benefit if you ever have to replace damaged shakes, there is less of a need to match a batch/factory color as  they will weather to a matching color.


Durability: Cedar naturally resists bugs as well as UV damage.  It can withstand storm damage from wind to hail.  The winter freezing and thawing cycle will have less of an effect on cedar since it is a natural product.  This means that there are no layers to delaminate during the temperature shifts.


Staying Insulated:  Unlike other roofing materials cedar shakes naturally insulate your home.  This high insulation value will reduce the amount of energy you need to heat and cool your home throughout the year.


Sustainability: Wood is a biodegradable and renewable resource.  Cedar can be harvested and processed in an environmentally friendly sustainable way, this can’t be said about products that use petroleum.   Efforts are being increasingly made to effectively manage forests.  This means that what is being used from forests is actively being replaced.  Wood is one of the very few completely renewable building materials.


Wind, Fire, and Hail: If your roof is properly installed by a Minneapolis roofing company it should be able to withstand hurricane force winds. There should be very minimal loss of shakes in wind storms. Shakes will lay flat with very little shrinking and splitting over their lifetime.


Though cedar is a wood product it can still be fire resistant.  Many manufactures treat cedar shakes with a fire resistant chemical, this makes them safer than other wood shingles.


Cedar shakes perform very well against hail.  Several studies have been performed to show this. Frequently while composite shingles are damaged to the point of needing replacement cedar shakes have only small amounts of marring.


The beauty of this roof is definitely more than “skin deep”!   Contact a Minneapolis roofing company to learn more about having this roof properly installed on your home.  Properly installed you’ll enjoy the positive effects of the durability, sustainability, and insulating benefits for many years to come.


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