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The Advantages of Cedar Roofing

There are many reasons to love cedar shake roofs.  They are, of course, aesthetically appealing, but these roofs have much more going for them than just their looks.  Once you choose cedar from your Minneapolis roofing contractor you will want to share the advantages of cedar roofs with anyone thinking of upgrading their roof. The […]

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All About Tradition Roofing and Exteriors MN

Tradition Roofing and Exteriors, MN is a locally owned and operated full service contractor.  Scott Landa is a professional contractor and owners of the business.  The over 42 years of experience that Tradition’s people have in the construction industry can be used to deliver a great finished product on any size project, small scale to […]

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Why Using a Minneapolis Roofing Contractor is Important

Your roof is an important element in your home’s defense against wear and weather.  It is, in fact, one of the most important and also most neglected parts of most houses.  Some homeowners  don’t realize how harmful it can be to their home to ignore small cracks and leaks on the roof.  These problems may […]

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Your Commercial Roof From Roofers in Minneapolis, MN

You need to select roofers in Minneapolis, MN for your commercial building roof installation.  The phone book and internet are flooded with options.  Where do you start? A roofer is a roofer right? Wrong!  When looking to put on a new commercial roof or do repairs it is important to look at roofers in Minneapolis, MN […]

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Time to Contact Minneapolis Roofing Companies?

The condition of a home’s roof is crucial to keeping the structure sound and everything inside of it safe.  Because of this replacing a roof should take priority over any other home improvement project you have planned. But how do you know when a simple repair is no longer possible and it is necessary to […]

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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a St. Paul Roofing Specialist

When choosing a roofer you want someone who will provide you with reliable, quality workmanship.  You want someone who will deliver what they say they will when they promise it.  How do you find this? What is the magic formula to pick the best St. Paul roofing company for the job?  Unfortunately there is no […]

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How to Choose St. Paul Siding Like a Pro

The exterior of a house gives you the first impression of someone’s home before you even step out of your car.  If your siding is worn or damaged you may be sending the wrong message about your home. If new siding is on your list of home improvements chances are you have started to look […]

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St. Paul Roofing Contractor’s Guide to Identify Hail Damaged Roofs

As a St. Paul roofing contractor we know all too well that every year here in the Twin Cities we get at least a few strong hailstorms.  Hailstorms are storms that produce hail, which are balls of ice in varying sizes.  The largest piece of hail on record is nearly 6” in diameter!  A piece […]

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Hello! We are creating a new blog for Tradition Roofing, and this page is under construction. We are in the last phase of testing the blog system and making final style changes. So hang in there — we are almost ready to go! Thank you, The Clear Simple Marketing Team           […]

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Tradition roofing


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