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Cedar shingle siding is a natural beautiful choice.  Homeowners who make this choice are drawn to cedar because of its durability and beauty.  However in order to maintain this beauty cedar shingle siding requires regular upkeep and maintenance.  If you make the commitment to taking care of your siding it will have a long and beautiful life!

Cedar Shingle Siding in Rochester, a Great Choice for the Environment!

For homeowners who are environmentally friendly another up side of cedar is it is a renewable resource.  This means typically cedar trees are planted in forests for the purpose of harvesting and are replanted every year.  Cedar is also biodegradable. At the end of your siding’s life it can be broken down and reabsorbed into the Earth without any harm. In fact wood fibers can actually enrich the soils, this makes for great compost.  This makes installing cedar shingle siding in Rochester great for the environment.


There are many types of cedar in the U.S., each with their own benefits.  Cedar belongs in the pine family. Northern White Cedar is available in smaller diameters and is often considered one of the finer grades of wood. It has a very nice smell and unstained is a blonde color. This species is largely found in Michigan. Yellow cedar is durable and strong.  This type of wood holds nails better. It is also more bug resistant than red cedar. Red cedar, however, is much more porous and so it can accept stains more easily. Red cedar also tends to warp less and can be more cost effective than yellow cedar.

How to care for cedar shingle siding in Rochester, MN:

Once your cedar shingle siding is installed you will want to keep up with annual maintenance.  At minimum this means keeping your siding clean of mildew, mold spores, and dirt.  To make quick work of cleaning your home rent a power washer.  You’ll want to use the lowest setting, since cedar is a soft wood, and you want to take care not to damage it.  Before you start double check that all the windows in your home closed. You don’t want to flood your bedroom!  Try to angle your spraying away from windows and doors.


Try this for your cedar shingle siding in Rochester, using a mix of vinegar and water with a soft scrub brush is also an excellent way to clean your siding.  While more labor intensive than a power washer it does have benefits.  Specifically vinegar is mildew and mold’s natural enemy.  Using this mix will help defend your home.  If you’re going to use a cleanser make sure to cover any plants near the sides of your home; that way they’ll be protected.


Dirt is not the only thing you have to guard against. Woodpeckers can also move in and cause a lot of damage.  Do your best to discourage them before they start pecking holes in your home.  Wind chimes, either homemade or store bought, could do the trick.  If you see them in the area try to attract them to other areas with suet.  Given the choice of a tasty dinner and your siding, hopefully, they will choose the suet.


When simply cleaning your cedar shingle siding in Rochester is not enough to get it looking its best, it may be time to re-stain or paint.  If your shingles are currently painted you can use a pressure washer to remove what is left on the shingle.  If this doesn’t work you can also use chemical stripping to remove old paint or stain.  Use a stiff bristle brush or a light sanding after you pressure wash to remove and hair like fibers that may have appeared in the stripping process.


If you do choose to use a chemical stripper make certain it is a environmentally friendly product.  You make also need to clean and rinse your shingles in order to create a clean surface ready to accept stain or paint.


A water based semi-transparent stain will be both best for the environment and also give you good wear and durability.


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