Ask the Right Home Inspection Questions

home inspection questionsLooking for a new home can be a long and difficult journey.  When you have finally found what you think is just the right fit for you the last thing you want is to buy your home and discover your roof is old or failing.  You don’t want your first phone call after you move in to be a distressed call to roofers in Minneapolis MN.  You can protect yourself from this a couple ways.  One of them is the home inspection. The second is acquiring or asking for a roof certification.


Home Inspection Questions


Many times you must acquire a home inspection before you are given a mortgage.  Even if this is not the case a home inspection is always a good idea.  A home that appears perfect may be hiding issues you wish you had known about before you purchased it!


What is a home inspector looking for?  A home inspector will be looking at wear, damage, dangerous, or otherwise not to code situations around the home.  This can include, though it doesn’t always, the roof.  If you have home inspection questions about what will be covered in your report make certain to ask them when you schedule for your inspection.


What to Look For in Your Report


A home inspector who reports on your roof will be looking for a number of things.  The type of material used, the age of the roof, and any damage or improper installation on the roof.  There are several big red flags you should look for on a roof.


There should be no fire or water damage.  You shouldn’t be looking at a large number of missing shingles.  Your roof should meet code requirements in your area.  As roofers in Minneapolis MN will tell you this mean in Minnesota that you have only your current layer of roof installed.  While in some areas an “overlay” is an option the only legal option in Minnesota is a “tear off”.  This means you should only have one layer of roof.


Roof Certifications, What’s the Difference?

Roof certifications can be offered by a home owner to make their house more appealing to buyers.  There is a difference between a home inspection and a roof certification.


Among your home inspection questions should be: where will you inspect the roof from?  Most home inspectors will check out your roof from a ladder.  When you have a roof certification done roofers in Minneapolis MN will conduct a more thorough examine of the roof, inspecting after getting on your roof. Some roofers in Minneapolis MN specialize solely in providing roof certifications and doing related work.  While many times this work can be done by the same person, it is always your right to get a second opinion.  There are many roofers to choose from in Minneapolis MN it is important to work with a contractor that you trust.


When a roofing certification is done a roofer will climb up on your roof and give a report on the following aspects:


*Roof movement


*The condition of the roof (ie: missing shingles)


*They will check drains, downspouts, and gutters.  It is important to know how water drains on and away from your house.


*Flashing  around and vents, pipes, hvac, ect on your roof.


When a roofing certification is completed by roofers in Minneapolis MN they will determine the approximate life span left on the roof and if no repairs are needed, or after the repairs are completed they will issue a certification.  Certification is good for 2-5 years depending on your area.


Having professional roofers in Minneapolis MN inspect your potential new home’s roof can help you feel secure in your purchase.  Remember if you have any home inspection questions it is important to ask them now before you finish negotiating for your home.


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